I’m Glad I Didn’t Vote For Trump Again

“I can’t stand either of them. What do you think?” I remember asking a now-deceased ninety year old neighbor. I was at a crisis of conscience- how could I vote for either party when I was ultimately disgusted by both? As a lifelong independent, I don’t believe in political parties. I have equal disdain- and hope- for countless members of our government. However, his answer gave me hope.

“Trump isn’t a politician.”

That was all he had to say.

However, I saw no statesmen and women. Instead, I saw self-serving narcissists who feel that they deserve to be in the highest offices in the land. Let’s be realistic: most of them don’t. It doesn’t matter what side. To quote a wise college professor: “Most politicians would sell their mama for a doughnut”. It’s true.

Despite concerns and instincts, I went ahead and voted for Trump in 2016. It was a mistake that I did not repeat again in 2020. In case you were wondering, I voted for “N/A”. Over the years, I have learned to put no one and nothing on a pedestal.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to go to the inauguration in 2016. In all honesty, I would have gone regardless of who won. It was a once in a lifetime event and I was fortunate to get a ticket. Funny enough- I forgot that I had registered for a ticket with my then-congressman, Johnny Isakson.

I got lost in the same halls that were tarnished and destroyed when rioters and terrorists desecrated our nation’s capital. Well dressed and tattoos hidden in the cold weather, I’m sure I looked like an aide and no one thought anything of it.

Ironically, I stay out of politics. I mostly give dating advice, post creative writing and give opinions on nonpartisan issues. However, I could not stay quiet. I was too disturbed.

There is no reason the heinous attack on the Capitol should have happened. On top of the heinous images that are too prevalent and disturbing to ignore, we are in the middle of a pandemic that is ravaging the world. Our president knows this. However, he chose to ignore it and request his loyal minions to March on Washington. According to Rudy Giuliani, there should be “trial by combat”. REALLY?!? Surely two men as “smart” as them knew some would take this literally. Not just that- any freshman biology student could tell you how germs work. If public schools are working the way that they’re supposed to, a kindergartener could probably tell you that washing your hands prevents the spread of germs. I find it hard to believe that two grown ass men can’t do the same.

The Coronavirus is real. Three people in my extended family who got the virus and (fortunately) survived will tell you that it’s nothing to mess with. I know people who’s family didn’t fare as well. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Many aren’t.

However, many of these protesters weren’t wearing masks. As mentioned, a kindergartner has ideas about how germs work. Like gravity, there are forces that can’t be seen.

Not wearing a mask is selfish and wrong. It’s common knowledge that asymptomatic people could spread the Coronavirus to those they claim to love, get them sick, and kill them.

However, these protesters didn’t care about that. If they wanted their voices heard, they could have sent emails to their representatives, written on Medium (or anywhere), utilized social media, or found other ways to protest. In-person rallies and protests aren’t acceptable in any form right now. However, at least the Black Lives Matter protestors had the decency to wear masks.

Speaking of Black Lives Matter, let’s discuss a few obvious differences. Had any other group been protesting at the Capitol, there would have probably been enhanced security. As the daughter of a deceased high ranking federal law enforcement officer, I know more than the average bird about security. While my father died before social media was prevalent, a few of the principles of basic policing.

First and foremost, large crowds can lead to chaos. Even the most peaceful, well-intentioned protest could go south quickly due to a multitude of reasons. It does not matter who is protesting- people are different in large groups and the risk is greater. Even the most difficult person can usually be subdued. However, a crowd that is angry and out of control is a recipe for trouble.

In most cases, there are undercover law enforcement officers in protests. I honestly don’t know how they get them to blend in. But, I’m sure my six foot four, clean cut, blonde haired, blue-eyed dad would have somehow blended in to a Black Lives Matter or Greenpeace protest. Since my father investigated white collar crimes, he probably wouldn’t have done that type of work. However, I do recall someone telling me that he had to go undercover as a delivery man once. However, it is commonplace regardless of who is protesting and what they are protesting.

Secondly, law enforcement has a tool that wasn’t available years ago: the internet. Almost everyone has a smart phone, some sort of social media presence and other ways of being found online. Getting information really isn’t that hard. However, most of the people who desecrated our nation’s capitol bragged about it and shared their plans. This wasn’t exactly a secret nor is tracking them rocket science.

Had this been an environmental group (which tend to be pretty harmless) or Black Lives Matter, there would have been a greater presence. However, a bunch of disgruntled people- some of whom had ties to extremist groups- didn’t set off alarms? Do you remember the part about how large crowds tend to get chaotic? Even the best intentioned protests can go south very quickly. As someone who grew up around law enforcement officers from various agencies, crowds are one of the most dangerous and dreaded assignments any law enforcement could have. Crowds, domestic disturbances, and traffic stops are often cited as the most unpredictable and dangerous situations for them. Why? Emotions are running high and people are unpredictable.

As someone who attended the 2016 inauguration and knows many people who voted for Trump, most people who voted for him aren’t horrible people. Most aren’t racists. Ironically, I know quite a few people who voted for Trump who immigrated here from various parts of the world. Most of the people at this rally probably did not have ill intentions. Most of them probably did think the system was rigged and bought into what Trump was selling. Like other protesters in history, they probably wanted their voices heard.

With that being said, it’s obvious to anyone that people with nefarious motives were dispersed in the crowd. It’s also obvious that they went about it the wrong way.

Those nefarious people caused the deaths of multiple people- not counting the ensuing Coronavirus spread that is going to happen among the people in the Capitol and these terrorists when they go back to their home states. For those that end up spending any time incarcerated (as most should), there will be outbreaks in those facilities too. However, there are people worse than these terrorists: the “good” people in the crowd who did nothing.

For a crowd who claims to love law enforcement, where were people trying to protect the police? There were multiple veterans in the crowd- many who probably served as military police officers and in combat positions. Why didn’t they help control the crowd? If Rudy Giuliani wanted “trial by combat”, why wasn’t he leading the crowd? It’s no secret that President Trump’s eldest sons are healthy, relatively young men. If they cared so much about law enforcement, why didn’t they protect them?

Knowing that at least one police officer was senselessly murdered is bad enough. Seeing officers crushed in doorways pleading for help is inexcusable. For a crowd that supposedly loves law enforcement, they had a strange and disturbing way of showing it.

On top of that, who would want to see someone they love die for their “cause”? Who would want to see their biggest fans trampled, injured, maimed and killed? No one with any sort of conscience would want that. Only a depraved megalomaniac would expect someone to potentially die for them. When you want to go all in for a cause and follow a figurehead, ask yourself that.

In all honesty, I don’t care who you voted for, nor do I care about the color of your skin, who you pray to, who you sleep with, or what you do with your life. As long as you aren’t hurting someone else, I will love and hug you the same. With that being said, I implore anyone reading this to seriously think for yourself. Do your own research. Get multiple viewpoints. Pray, meditate, and do whatever you need to do to get the answers you need. On top of that, stand up for those that need it regardless of the situation. I understand that it can be scary and people may judge you. So what? Would you rather be judged for five minutes or live with regret that you didn’t do the right thing?

No one had to die nor did the chaos that ensued at the Capitol had to happen. None of that had to happen to get a point across. Nothing had to be broken nor did anyone’s office need to be ransacked.

Surprisingly, the average person isn’t a complete asshole. Most people are decent and willing to do the right thing. However, you have to be willing to be patient and listen. Change happens but, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Like many reading this, I understand the frustration. As someone who loves animals and advocates for them at any chance I get, I understand how hard it can to share your viewpoint in a civil way. I’ve been a vegan most of my adult life and it takes every ounce of decency sometimes not to judge someone for their choices or come off as a total jerk. In all honesty, there have been times when I WAS a jerk and could have articulated my viewpoint from a place of compassion instead of having a “f*** you” attitude.

When it comes to politics and multitude of social ills that plague society, there is enough blame to go around. However, there is enough hope to go around too. I’m not here to judge anyone or tell them what to do. I’m also not here to tell you that what you believe, think and feel is valid, whether I agree with it or not. I will also be the first person to tell you that I don’t have all of the answers. However, I will tell you this: the way most of you are behaving isn’t working nor is it solving any problem. Instead of pointing fingers, have civil conversations. Instead of pretending to listen and giving a bullshit answer, actually listen and understand that you may stand corrected. Instead of encouraging “trial by combat”, aim to unite with compassion and be open minded.

I totally understand that this sounds like kumbaya bullshit. I also understand that you may feel that my opinions are complete and total bullshit. However, I implore you to do the right thing, be patient, and be civil. On top of that, think for yourself and make better choices.


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